Blood Pressure & Circulation

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High blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and high triglycerides and cholesterol, all contribute to restricted blood circulation…which leads to heart attack and stroke, the main causes of death in people over 40 years old. Millions of adults are taking one or more pharmaceuticals to regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and/or to reduce platelet aggregation. But none of these drugs is without risk of side effects, and instead of actually helping a person achieve health, they tend to "control" the condition, while helping extend one's life.
Holistic Farmacy's Circulation and Hypertension formulas combine herbs that have been shown to:
Reduces cardiac load, lower arterial pressure, and improve micro-circulation in and around damaged heart tissue.
Contain immune strengthening polysacchaarides.
Increase blood circulation in the heart and brain while lowering elevated blood pressure.
Reduce cell damage after heart attack, and protect nerve and brain cells from the damage of stroke.

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